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The best way to connect a wallet 🌈

RainbowKit is a React library that makes it easy to add wallet connection to your dapp. It's intuitive, responsive and customizable.

Out-of-the-box wallet management for your dapp. Aside from handling the connection and disconnection of wallets, RainbowKit supports numerous wallets, swaps connection chains, resolves address to ENS, displays balance and much more!

You can tweak the RainbowKit UI to match your branding. You can pick from a few pre-defined accent colors and border radius configurations. For more advanced use cases, you can provide in a fully custom theme, render your own button and omit certain features. Dark mode included.

For better interoperability with most products, we rely on viem and wagmi — the most commonly used libraries in the space.

Wallet standards like EIP-1193 and EIP-6963 are supported right out-of-the-box, making it easier than ever for browser wallet users to seamlessly connect their wallet to your dApp.

We're excited to see the community adopt RainbowKit, raise issues, and provide feedback. Whether it's a feature request, bug report, or a project to showcase, please get involved!